Personalize Your Hotmail Using This Signatures: Change the way of Email

Add an Image to Your Windows Live Hotmail Email Signature: How to create account. Microsoft Hotmail is a great way to keep up with your email, instant messaging, Xbox LIVE, and other Microsoft services.

Email marks save you from typing a mark physically every time you form an email. This instructional exercise discloses how to make and naturally add an email mark to your messages in Hotmail.

Be cautious in adding an image because it says more than oh-so-many words. Imagine, then, what select words plus a hand-picked image or two can say! Combine words and images in your Windows Live Hotmail signature and you get the personalised effect with every email you send. When you do insert your company logo or something funny (or, of course, your funny logo), make sure the signature does not grow too large.

To insert a picture or graphic into your Windows Live Hotmail signature:

  • Select Options and then More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Click Message font ( text input) and signature under Writing email.
    Open either a web page ( or google an image you like that will fit Hotmail requirements) containing the image or the image itself (using its URL) in a separate browser window. It depends on the mood you want to impart with each email you send out.
  • Unfortunately, you can only insert graphics or images that reside on a publicly accessible web server. Images only stored on your computer, alas, do not work.
  • Although there is a wide range of variety of pictures and images on the worldwide web you can enjoy.
  • If you don’t have a website, turn to a free image hosting service instead.
  • If your image is larger than some 200×100 pixels, consider shrinking it before you put it online, otherwise, it may not be accepted, and you would have to resize it anyway.

Best wireless router under 50 Dollars: Buy Cheap Routers in 2017

You will get many wireless routers in both a retail shop and online but which one to buy? Let me clear your confusion and help you to buy the best wireless router available in the market. To access Wi-Fi, we need a good router because the speed of our internet depends upon the router.

Can we imagine ourselves without the internet for a single day? I guess no. We need the internet from morning to night. For personal use we can use cellular data but when the user increases we must use Wi-Fi. For an uninterrupted wireless service, we must choose the best wireless router.

The Best Wireless router under $50:

Best Wireless Router 2017

While buying a wireless router thing which you must notice is the range of the router and the speed and then the price. Here is the best wireless router under $50 which you can buy.


People who use the computer they know how good and reliable Asus products are. Asus is a popular name for making wireless routers for a long time. They have many types of routers. Depending upon the users you can choose the router from a vast variety of routers. Personally, I recommend this ASUS RT-AC88U for you as it comes it so many features for a reasonable price.

Features of wireless router:

  • This wireless router is basically an AC3100 router.
  • You can connect up to 8 systems with its 8 gigabit LAN port.
  • If you want, you can use this dual band router as a NAS too.
  • This router provides a multi-client MU-MIMO data streaming.
  • You can connect this router with both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands and get a huge speed.

How to install router:

Installing this is very easy because this router comes with an amazing web interface. First time when you will connect the router with your PC by turning it on, the Asus web interface will launch automatically. It will provide you two options. Either you can continue with the wizard or can you can manually configure.

This is the best router I came across. Apart from the performance, this router comes with a stylish look too. If you want the best performance from a router, then you can go for it. Buying this best wireless router is worth your every penny you spend for it.

Showbox Apk Download For Android Devices [Latest Version]

Showbox apk is an android based entertainment app that compromises the android used free access to the largest collection of free movies and unlimited streaming for TV shows. Showbox is considered as one of the best free android apps since it permits its users to watch free online movies, TV shows on the high-resolution display.

Showbox apk for android is not available on Google play store or any other Android app market, therefore, android users will need to slide load it to the device that stereotypically associates the media file transfer to a mobile device via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or by installing an application package in APK format to the android device. In order to download Showbox for android, users may raise to various websites portals to download both the APK and the data file.

In order to play a movie, or catch the live streaming an episode of a TV series, users may refer to the menu bar at the top of the app. By selecting the vital movie content, users may access the desired movie where they can opt to whether download it or watch it online. Users can also choose different qualities of the video.

Showbox apk for Android is an outstanding app to access a variety of latest HD movie contents and TV series and episodes at a quick pace. The app is packed with an enormous collection of movies with miscellaneous genres that includes Classical, Action, comedy and much more.

Download Show Box Apk For Android:


  1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ (This step may differ depending on Android version or device but basically you will need to turn on the option that allows you to install non-market apps).
  2. Open the browser and tap on the following link to download the latest Showbox APK file.
  3. When the file is finished downloading, open the file to install the app.

That’s it! You will now be capable of watching free movies on your Android device! The music section was a test and has been detached in the latest update. It might get added again in the future.

Having concerned downloading videos?

  • Downgrade to version 4.69. Uninstall Showbox apk and download and install the Showbox 4.69 APK file.
  • If you are getting the “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped” error or any other disputes
  • Go to Settings > General > Apps > Show Box > Force Stop then Clear data & Clear cache and restart or reinstall Show Box. If you are still having complications using Show Box, you can try Movie HD.
  • If you are not seeing the “Watch Now” button, alter your server option from torrents to a server to stream video instead of download.

If u find this tutorial useful, please do share it with your friends and if facing any doubt, kindly let us know in the comment section.

Download Subway Surfers for PC (Windows 8,8.1 & Android)

Know you like to play this game on your home computer, so I want to help by giving you some tips for you to accomplish download Subway Surfers PC and can play on your computer with your operating system Windows , so no more I’ll have to explain as you can enjoy it with just a few simple steps.

To enjoy this game you have to download an emulator for Windows that emulates the Android environment on your PC, there are hundreds of them, only the need to download from Google, you will find it much easier than it looks and in a few clicks you’ll have it installed

One is Eclipse and can download from here, totally hassle free, as is its official website. This program besides emulating the Windows environment we can also serve as the programming environment for Android.

Subway Surfers For PC:

Another program is BlueStacks, you can also download it for free if you search on Google. To install it you will see it is very simple, you just have to download and run the Android environment. I recommend this program more than Eclipse, for its simplicity.

Once you have the Android environment on your PC go to the search engine you will have to see and he put the name of the program or game you want to download, which in our case is Subway Surfers and you have to install it as if our terminal Android outside.

Once installed we can play this game has all the time you want, without having to repeat the process again and again. See how it has not been so hard Subway Surfers for PC download and install it, I’m sure you thought this was going to cost a lot more work and could not do it, but the truth is no big deal.

Apple iPhone 8: All the rumors on Specs, Release date, Design & Price

 This is the best gadget releasing in this year. According to its amazing features makes it best and will be no1 on the 2017 year list. iPhone 8 coming with features called storage capacity which cannot be offered by any smart phone, water resistance and apart from that battery life. There are lots of things to be considered while using a new smart phone and iPhone stands one of the best among them.

It offers terrific features for its users. Now there is an incremental upgrade of iPhone series and named as iPhone 8.  This going to be revolutionary in 2017 and all we have to do is wait and see the release date of this smartphone.

This year will be the 10th anniversary of Apple and they want to make it huge by giving something new product from their side. iPhone 8 Specifications and Apple iPhone 8 might be releasing on the same date when Apple company was established.  So, what is the release date of this iPhone 8 and many more things are going to reveal through this post? Keep going through this post.

Rumors on Specifications, Price of Apple iPhone 8:

Now the people have started guessing it. As you know iPhone 8 is rumored that it will have the 5-inch display and the total size of the phone will be around 5.2 inches. You might know that iPhone 7 plus has the dual-lens camera then there is a rumor that this device will also have the same feature.

Lots of Asian popular websites releasing the updated news about iPhone 8and what is going to work for iPhone 8 in next year. They not released any specifications about this phone but they have clearly mentioned the features of the iPhone.

Apple has released the specifications that iPhone 8 will be all glass design and bezel-less display on the front an all-glass design but there is no news about this on their blogs. They also clear that iPhone 8 will also have the same features like iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. We just have to wait and see what Apple decides to add in this phone.

Apple has released their phones regularly with series by series and changes the design with new specifications and features. Apart from updating the news series Apple has decided to update and give the new model called iPhone 8. Actually, they might remove the S cycle for this year. Now they are releasing this iPhone 8 in September.

This smartphone company may release both iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 with the new third model. According to Apple Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple will introduce a new 4.7-inch iPhone with fewer features like single lens camera. Even they are planning to release a 5.5-inch model with a dual-lens camera and another one has high ended features includes OLED display and dual-lens camera and all of them are releasing in 2017.

Even there is a news that an edge to edge display is made up of for iPhone 8.  So, they might include in the upcoming series too I mean they are using this OLED display for their upcoming models of iPhone.

Micromax PC Suite FREE Download for Windows 7/8/XP/8.1

Micromax Informatics Limited is one of the leading consumer electronics company in India and the 10th largest mobile phone player in the world. Over the past decade, Micromax has pioneered the democratization of technology in India by offering affordable innovations through their product offerings and removing barriers to large scale adoption of advanced technologies. Micromax is currently the 2nd largest smartphone company in India. Micromax is a brand which is close to the heart of the youth and celebrates the vibrancies of life and empowerment. Micromax currently makes or brands multiple phone versions and categories among which we have the Innovative section, Smartphone or Touch Screen, Marathon battery, QWERTY, Multimedia, GSM & CDMA and CDMA.

What is PC Suite?

Whenever you want to connect your Phones to PC for Data Transfer of File Transfer you will need to have a medium called as PC Suite. Not only for Data and File Transfer you can control your Mobile using a PC if you are having a PC Suite. You can even use your Mobile data to connect the internet on your PC. You can set your contacts, send and receive messages, change your settings, add music/ videos into your device and many more features with the help of PC Suite.

In this article let me tell you how to download and install Micromax PC Suite for your windows platforms.

Download Micromax PC Suite for Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1:

Micromax Phone, Suite or PC Suite or PC Sync or Air Sync comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on the mobile phone in question and the features available on it.

Steps to Connect Micromax Phones to Micromax PC Suite:

  • Go to the Official page for the download of the PC Suite or Click Here
  • If you observe, there you can find a box insisting you to Select Model Number of your Mobile.

  • You will be getting a drop down Menu of Micromax Phone Models and you can select your Phone model.
  • Now you can download the Software of PC Suite, Drivers, User Manual.
  • Install the Modem drivers on Clicking the driver’s option.
  • Extract the file and save it in a drive.
  • Connect your phone to PC.In your phone, go to settings – wireless & networks – tethering & hotspot and activate USB tethering.
  • In your PC, go to device manager. You can go to device manager by right clicking My computer and click manage.
  • In device manager, Under unknown device or COM Port list.Your phone will be listed as unknown device or with name Micromax device. Right click it and select update driver.
  • When installation wizard shows the option to browse the driver, select the folder which you saved the extracted driver.
  • Similarly after downloading the PC Suite file and after installing it connect your phone to PC using USB.
  • In your phone activate USB tethering.If not detecting the phone, go to settings – developers option – activate USB debugging.
  • Now enjoy PC Suite by interchanging files or Data any much more. Down you can find the features of PC Suite and what all can you do with a Micromax PC Suite.

Micromax PC Suite Features:

The unique features of this utility are listed below:

  • Sync your contacts, calendar, and events
  • Phonebook with three options: Handset, PC folder, and Trashcan to create, edit and delete contacts
  • Message folder to open, view message history and forward messages
  • Customize your settings to create additional options
  • Image option to set wallpapers
  • MIDI audio file selection and audio preview
  • JAVA installation allowed downloading phone apps to your PC
  • Creates backups

WhatSim SIM Card provides Global WhatsApp Messaging for Free

WhatsApp is the most popular phone number based messaging app in Europe and India these days. This popularity of the app made Italian company Zero Mobile to launch Whats App specific SIM Called WhatSim. WhatsApp allows Mobile users to use whats app without any data connection or Wi-Fi.

What’s App the future of mobile communication limitation is data connection especially while traveling when roaming charges are expensive When Wi-Fi is not available? So CEO Zero Mobile worked to find the solution for this problem and found WhatSim as the solution.

WhatSim is priced at EUR 10 where users will get SIM Card unlimited text messaging for a year.Sending and receiving text messages, location updates and contacts via WhatsApp is free and for sharing photos, videos and voice messages user should buy some credits. Credit Limit depends on the place user is traveling.

WhatSim SIM Card provides Global WhatsApp Messaging:

According to a report released by Zero, Mobile WhatSim is reconcilable with 400 operators across the world and works efficiently in more than 150 countries. WhatSim is capable of connecting with provider network and when user’s position is changed it automatically searches and connects with the new provider.

If the provider with the better network is available even it connects automatically to the better network provider without even taking it to the notice of user.

CEO says that WhatSim do not has any fixed costs or monthly payments. It will never expire which allows the person to be in contact with the near one’s 24*7 without any drop outs using the Mobile message app Whats App.

To send Multimedia Messages user should recharge WhatSim with credits where the usage of credits depends on the country/zone user is in. For Example, India categorized as Zone 3 and users who are traveling to India need 150 credits for the photo, 600 credits for sharing video messages and 30 credits for sending voice messages. Each recharge of Euro 5 gives the user 1000 credits and recharge limit can go maximum to Euro 50.

Google makes official return erroneous application Purchases like video games

Google Play Store, store apps, music, movies, books and Google for handsets with Android operating system and Chrome OS devices, changes in policy. For applications, let them buy it, test it for a few minutes if not meet your expectations, you could return it .

The fact is that the test time was really little: 15 minutes to test the application in question after much criticism from users, Google has determined that 15 minutes may not be sufficient to test an application and decide if you like or not, so this time increases to a maximum of 120 minutes .

After two hours and you can not claim the refund and return the money, but it is certainly enough time to test the application.120 minutes for test applications120 minutes for test applications

Return a completed application has not to convince, the process is really easy . First you start the Google Play Store, where you need to access to the “My Apps”.

Then, you select the application in question that you want to return and click the “Get refund” option. This last option is only available during the first two hours after the purchase is made ​​effective.

Google makes official return erroneous application Purchases:

This is the second article of the month for the Play Store. Last week it was announced that the application Google Play Movies added an offline function in your app for iOS devices. So far, in the operating system of Apple, Google Play Movies and TV did not work if the user was not connected to the Internet.

The application has been updated, so now works in a similar way as it does in some months Chrome books form, allowing the user to acquire the media in question, download it and see it later in offline mode.

This update is coming to the iPhone and iPad terminals were installed app, but can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Moreover, the app for iPhone Google Play Music also received a major update recently.

Among the new features and enhancements, we have new features like the ability to delete music directly from the Seller the same application. Note that the update now adds more accessibility, which I appreciate almost as much as the correction of errors that existed when the application was played in the background

Samsung planning to buy BlackBerry for $ 7.5 billion

Samsung offered to buy BlackBerry for $ 7.5 billion by getting its patents. It has also entered the corporate battlefield and is competing with Apple. South Korea’s Samsung offered an initial rate of $13.35 – $15.49 per share. It is willing to pay a premium of 38% – 60% over Blackberry’s current trading price.

The representatives from two companies are currently working with the advisers to discuss their potentiality. The Ontario based company, Waterloo, said that no such discussions were held between Samsung and BlackBerry. The shares of BlackBerry fell back from 30 % to 15%. The Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail, reported that BlackBerry asset’s value has fallen. Blackberry is trying to regain its shares that it has lost to Samsung, Google and Apple.

Samsung to Buy Blackberry:

At present, Samsung is the no. 1 smart phone maker globally. By taking over BlackBerry, Samsung can achieve greater heights leaving all its rivals behind. BlackBerry manages email traffic of many customers across the globe. Samsung thinks that if it gets 100% of BlackBerry then it can seek approval of CFIUS. The Canadian Government gave hints to BlackBerry that any sale to Lenovo would be put down because of security reasons. But Samsung didn’t raise any concern. According to the Portfolio Manager, if Samsung would like to keep itself different from its opponents like Apple then it acquires to get access of BlackBerry network and its features. BlackBerry patent consists of 44,000 patents that is more than $1.43 billion worth.  Samsung has to compulsorily buy everything and then separate the things that are not needed by them.

The revenue of BlackBerry fell sharply from $1.19 billion to $793 million. The shares of BlackBerry traded at $29.71/ share in New York. The price offered for BlackBerry will be around $6 billion to $7.5 billion. The convertible debt will be around $1.25 billion.  In November, Blueberry came into partnership with Samsung.

Watch Friends TV Series Online | Download Popcorn Time for Free

Friends is an American television sitcom created by David crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004 lasting seasons. With an ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston,Courteney Cox, Lisa Kurdow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, the show revolves around six 20-30 something friends living in association with the warner bro Television.

The original executive producers Kauffman and crane began developing friends under the title insomnia cafe between November and December 1993. They presented the idea to bright and together they pitched a seven-page treatment of the show to NBC.

After several script rewrites and changes including  a title change to six of one and friends like us,the series was finally named friends. Download Popcorn time android to watch the TV series “Friends” which is the most popular show .

Watch Friends TV Series Online:

Friends received acclaim throughout its run,becoming one of the most popular television show of all time. The series was nominated for 62 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning the Outstanding comedy series award in 2002 for its eighth season.

Watch the best movies & TV shows on downloading popcorn time instantly in HD with subtitles for free! Popcorn time is available for android devices, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.

The show ranked no.21 on tv guides,s 50 Greatest TV Shows of all time. and no.7 on empire magazines the greatest tv show of all time. was ranked no.100 on TV Guides 100 Greatest Episodes of all time.

A typically depict of the friends comedic and romantic adventures and the career issues such as a joy auditioning for roles or Rachel seeking jobs in the fashion industry.The six characters each have many dates and serious relationships , such as Monica with Richard burke and ross with Emily Waltham.

Ross and Rachel’s, the intermittent relationship is the most often-recurring storyline, during the ten seasons of the show they repeatedly date  and break up,even while ross briefly marries Emily, he and Rachel have a child, chandler, and Monica date and marry each other and phoebe marries mike, Hannigan.

Other frequently recurring characters include ross and Monica’s parents in long island,ross’s ec.wife and their son, Central park barista Gunther, Chandler’s Ex.girlfriend Janice and the phoebe’s twin sister.